Longevity and personal involvement make a difference

Kilpatrick Companies was originally founded in 1972 in the central business district of Houston, Texas. We started out as a one person operation and a goal of providing product line and services to employee benefit agents. That goal and business model has not changed in 41 years, but the agency has grown.

After securing a GA contract with Pan American Life Insurance Company, Ron Kilpatrick, at the age of 33 and a regional manager at Pan American, gave up his full time job. After agreeing not to move any business away from Pan American,he formed his own company. The early years were successful years but long and hard. As more carriers entered the marketplace, Ron was able to secure important contracts. Slowly evolving the business, he hired one person at a time and trained them. He would always brag that he never asked anyone to do anything he had not already done and done “extremely well.”

Ron networked with carrier representatives and agents servicing the Texas Gulf Coast Region and grew strong relationships. Most of those early relationships remain vital to the agency today.

In 1979, Ron married Jackie Chambers. Jackie had a strong background in General Agency product marketing. Prior to her involvement in the Kilpatrick agency, she helped develop and sold automated accounting systems to Insurance Agents, which were gigantic computer components designed to accept and calculate data entry. Jackie brought in many long term established relationships with Property and Casualty Agents in the Houston marketplace. After a while, Jackie joined the Kilpatrick organization full time and introduced an accounting and tracking system to the agency and developed and marketed a number of successful product lines.

The Kilpatrick agency focused on creating small group products and helped develop an assortment of Multiple Employer Trusts with Texas domiciled carriers. They introduced the first PPO product in the State of Texas and held seminars introducing the concept. When HMO’s were introduced, the Kilpatrick agency sponsored training classes and paid for over 250 agents to become HMO licensed in the Houston area.

We built an assortment of accident programs to respond to the increasing costs of Workers Compensation in Texas. We built programs to respond to the severe accident deductible exposure of the Jones Act. The products were very successful.

Over the years, the Kilpatrick agency has formed partnerships with major carriers marketing employee benefit products in the greater Houston area and have built strong relationships with hundreds of active agents. In the average month, we process quotes for 400-450 groups.

In 2003 and 2004, the second generation of the Kilpatrick family officially started working in the agency and changed everything. Ronnie and Scott Kilpatrick have brought a tremendous amount of energy and unique talents to the company. Seminars and educational classes became routine. A training room was added to the Kilpatrick building. An IT department was created and a second office was opened. Every process and procedure that could be automated has been. Quoting became an electronic process and developed into a separate program, titled Batch, used daily by the Kilpatrick staff, a number of General Agencies as well as retail agents across the Nation. The changes are so numerous, they are impossible to list. But, one area that has not changed is the long tenure of incredibly smart and dedicated professionals that make up the Kilpatrick staff. The staff has welcomed every innovative change. We have become a more efficient company. We use social media to communicate within our industry. We participate in virtual organizations and have many efficient tools for tracking industry changes.

In 2012, the agency was bought by a partnership between Ronnie Kilpatrick and Scott Kilpatrick and renamed Kilpatrick Companies, LLC. Since the purchase, the company has grown substantially under their leadership.