Relationships, at every level, inform us all.

In the world of group benefits, we believe the future belongs to the efficient. The Affordable Care Act creates immense change across all market segments. With change comes opportunity. Employers demand more from their brokers—more ideas, more options, more insight, and more resources.

In over 40 years of operation, Kilpatrick Companies is a second-generation, family owned company boasting a dream team of tenured, industry experts. We equip brokers with industry-defining resources, tools, and technology. By relying on our professionals to furnish back-end administrative support for processing quotes, building illustrations, managing the underwriting and installation processes, and providing escalated service support, brokers have more time to manage their relationships and grow their books of business.

The broker is our client. We use a broker-centric service model. Each broker is assigned to a service team that is responsible for large and small group business. Each quote is assigned to one member of the team who is responsible for all facets of our service model—quoting, installing, servicing, and renewing. The other team members support the work on each account.